Site updated 07.01.2022

Old news from the ESRG

06.01.2022 - NSF REU student (Emily Rouse, Lebben Valley) joins the ESRG for the summer. Welcome Emily!

06.01.2022 - 1st year graduate student Katie Dove Power joins the ESRG for the Summer 2022 semester. Welcome KDP!

05.15.2022 - MSU Undergraduates Alison Duckworth and Erin Matthews join the ESRG as summer research students. Welcome Alison and Emily!            

05.14.2022 - Sharma's paper in Chemistry was accepted!

04.01.2022 - ESRG welcomes Moshen Teimouri and Seyed Erfan Masaeli as new graduate students!

01.01.2022 - McConnell's paper in Inorganic Chemistry published. Well done Kayla!

10.15.2021 - Emerson, Carter, and Cutright give presentations at SERMACS 2021.
10.01.2021 - Akter completes MS degree. Well done Mahmuda and good luck at The Ohio State!

06.15.2021 - Uddin completes MS degree. Well done Raihan and good luck at CUNY!

06.01.2021 - NSF REU student (Jacob Solis, UW-Steven's Point) joins the ESRG for the summer. Welcome Jacob!

06.01.2021 - Emerson Stokes Research group welcomes Alex Cutright and Kyle Carter, two new graduate students to our research team!

01.15.2021 - Emerson informed that the Emerson/Stokes Collaboration has been invited into the MSU/NIH COBRE program!

01.12.2021 - Ruby Hall was offered admission to UMMC's medical School. Congrats Ruby, well deserved!

12.20.2020 - Cope's paper in Organometallics was accepted!

12.15.2020 - Wolgemuth's paper describing the Mn-TmPyP4 aziridination catalyst was published in Cat Comm!

11.30.2020 - Emerson elected Alternate Councilor for the MS local section of the ACS

11.25.2020 - Michael Wan accepted to dental school at Auburn. Congrats Michael!

09.15.2020 - Emerson/Stokes Collaboration funded through the Office of Sponsored Projects to support our budding CEL project!

05.02.2020 - Graduation day - Congrats Josh Porter, Jacob Nichols, and Nolen Alrich. Best of luck in your future endevors!

04.12.2020 - Drs. Kayla McConnell and James Cope have defended their dissertations! Congrats Kayla and James!

03.10.2020 - Mahmuda Akter joined the Emerson group! Welcome!

10.12.2019 - Md. Raihan Uddin joined the Emerson group! Welcome!

10.11.2019 - Josh Porter accepted to med school. Congrats Josh!

09.05.2019 - Graduatation day for ASM Saem and Prakash Khanal. Best of luck at Temple and Georgia Tech!

O6.01.2019 - Ruby Hall, Peyton Wall, Patrick Sheridan, Michael Wan, and Lilly Cao all joined the Emerson/Stokes Collaboration as part of our Summer REU program. Welcome all!

05.02.2019 - Graduatation day for Tony Zhu. Best of luck at Boston College!

12.17.2018 - Emerson elected as chair of the MS local section of the ACS

12.13.2018 - Graduatation day for Dr. Valle and Dr. Li

10.01.2018 - Dr. Mingjie Li has accepted a post-doc with Mark Hedglin at Penn State! Congrats Mingjie!

O8.30.2018 - Prakash Khanal and James Cope have officially joined the ERG! Welcome!

08.10.2018 - Emerson finally has gained enough momentum to be awarded an office with a window!

08.03.2018 - Mingjie Li's paper on the thermodynamics of the initial steps of the mechanism of iron(II) EFE was accepted in Biochemistry!

05.25.2018 - Henry Valle's first author paper on copper(II) based catalysts for N-transfer reactions has been accepted in ChemistrySelect!

06.21.2018 - Dr. Henry Valle passed his dissertation defense! Congrats Henry!

06.15.2018 - Dr. Mingjie Li passed her dissertation defense! Congrats Mingjie!

05.20.2018 - Mingjie Li's paper on transition metal ion substitution into TauD has been accepted in JBIC!

06.15.2018 - The ERG paper on copper(II) based catalysts for N-transfer reactions has been accepted in ChemistrySelect!

06.04.2018 - The ERG welcomes Wesley (Wes) Harrison, Quinesa (Quin) Williams, and Ashlee Bartlett, three undergraduate researchers that are part of the interdisciplinary REU at MSU. 

05.04.2018 - Kathleen Riley has completed her BS in Chemistry at MSU! Best of luck at UNC next fall!

04.04.2018 - Kathleen Riley was inducted into the Society of Scholars (SOS) at MSU! She is in the top 2% of all students at MSU - Congrats Kathleen!

09.21.2017 - Congrats Emerson group!, you finally have a web-page.

07.01.2017 - Kayla McConnell's paper in collaboration with C. Peterson (LSU) was published in JBIC!

06.01.2017 - Shanterell Redd joined the ERG as a summer student!

06.01.2017 - Congrats Kathleen Riley for landing a great REU at the University of Minnesota.

04.17.2017 -  Kathleen Riley was inducted into the Society of Scholars at MSU! Congrats Kathleen!

01.01.2017 - Former ERG member Dr. Kate Henderson has landed an NIH post-doctoral research fellowship to work with T. Record at the University of Wisconsin. Congrats Kate!

08.01.2009 - The ERG starts at Mississippi State University.